Darlington & District Badminton League


President - Brian Dobinson

Brian has been involved in Badminton in and around Darlington for some 50 years having originally been influenced by his Mum & Dad. He started playing at about 9 years old at DGSOB Badminton Club, despite being too young to "officially" play at the club nights. Eventually he was allowed to join in with games and won the County schools' junior badminton tournament.

He soon began playing in the DGSOB Mixed Doubles team and early in his career won the Oddfellows trophy with his Mum which was an emotional night for the family. As Brians talents developed he moved on to play at Haughton BC in both the Teesside League and the Darlington A Division, as well as joining MIddlesbrough BC in order to play in the Yorkshire League. Brians claim to fame was being drawn along with Colin Cruickshanks to play against David Eddy & Eddy Sutton in the Mens Doubles at the Durham Open Tournament with David & Eddy being one of the top pairings in the world at the time, Colin recalls winning an end but Brian claims his memory isn't as good as Colins!!

Brians career achievments include winning the mens and mixed doubles in the Darlington Open and Handicap Tournaments as well as being runner up in the singles 3 times and along with John Dods representing Durham.

Unfortunately injury struck and due to a cartliage injury which needed major surgery Brians playing days were ended early, this led to a move into coaching which he still does at Hummersknott Badminton Club.

When Brians dad Ken was taken ill during his reign as League President he was asked to stand in at tournaments etc which he was very honoured to do.

Brian says "I am so honoured to be elected as your new League President following on from Mike Taylor's recent resignation. I will do my best to serve the League and Jane and I will attend as many events as possible."

Chairman - Jim Hodgson

Jim began on the Leagues Social Committee in 1979 until 1982, when he joined the main Committee. He served until 1984 before taking a break until 1991. From rejoining in 1991 Jim has remained on the Committee and was elected as the Chairman in 2000, a post he continues to hold.
Jim also runs the Oddfellows Tournament.

Secretary - Heather Clegg

Heather joined the Committee in 2000 and has been a member ever since.
Heather is responsible for compiling the league results and forming the League Tables and was elected as League Secretary for the 2017/18 season

Treasurer - Chris Laverack

Chris joined the League Committee in the 1979/1980 season and became the League Treasurer in the 1986/1987 season and has held the post ever since. Chris was also the Leagues representative on the Durham County Committee for many years and although he no longer has this role he continues to serve as Secretary on the Durham Committee.
Chris also has overall responsibility for running the Handicapped Tournaments.

Committee Member - Maggie Winfield

Maggie also joined the Committee in 2000 and like Heather has been a member since then.                                                                  
Maggie looks after the Trophies for all the League Tournaments and Presentation, organising engraving and the Presentations as well as having overall responsibility for the League Presentation Evening.

Committee Member - Ian Boyd

Ian joined the Committee in the summer of 2007.
Ian will be running the Willie Dods Tournament as well as running the Website and Facebook page.

Committee Member - Adam Swalwell

Adam joined the committee in 2014 and will be running the Team Knockout Competition and the Facebook page.

Committee Member - Elaine Trueman

Elaine joined the committee in 2016. Elaine will be responsible along with Maggie for the organisation of the League Presentation Evening.