Darlington & District Badminton League


Team Knockout Competition

This is a club competition which all teams in the league have the opportunity to enter. The teams are Handicapped to ensure close matches. 

Matches are to be arranged by the secretary of the home club (first named club in each game). The home club must offer at least two dates, in separate weeks, one of which must be accepted.
This is a handicapped competition, therefore setting is not allowed and each game is to 21 up and 2 sets only. 

Clubs must mutually arrange the matches which must be played on or before the play by date, and the competition organiser must be informed of the agreed dates, and any subsequent changes to these dates.

The cost of the feather shuttlecocks used in each match to be shared by the competing teams, and supplied by the home team.

The final is to be played on Saturday the 27th April 2019, 6pm at Darlington College, with the league providing the shuttlecocks.

Teams competing in the final are expected to contribute £18 per team towards the league costs of staging the competition finals.

Semi Finals:

Aycliffe (+216) vs Larchfield (+144)

Match won by Aycliffe by 520 points to 429

Glaxo (+126) vs Richmond (Scr)

Match won by Glaxo by Walkover


Aycliffe (+216) vs Glaxo (+126)

Match won by Aycliffe by 512 points to 454